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Cancer Awareness Event

Living with cancer - raising awareness
Cancer Awareness Event

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Time is TBD
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About the Event

Following on from a previous event regarding the development of a cancer support initiative in the borough, based on the premise that whilst excellent support for people living with cancer was available through several organisations in Croydon, many wanted more support networks that were local, accessible and to which they contributed. Led by Cheryl Johnson on behalf of Croydon SocialP along with people living with cancer and several organisations including Macmillan Cancer Care, Lush UK (Croydon), YourSim Pal, Duffus Cancer foundation plus a local Chef, a Mindfulness leader and Art for Wellbeing therapists the planning began. 

The event was held in April 2019 at St Paul’s church in Thorton Heath and was a huge success with over 85 people attending and feedback from the evaluation demonstrated the value people placed on being able to network locally and a demand for more support events. It also highlighted how much people valued a safe and nurturing space in which to talk, socialise and share a whole range of experiences. 

Following on from the April event, Cheryl went on to organise another collaboration with Macmillan Cancer Support in September 2019. This event offered training to a range of organisations including LUSH UK (Croydon) who once again collaborated with their community to try and learn as much as they could about supporting people living with cancer. 

This event has now presented many more opportunities for Croydon SocialP to expand on the project enabling us to continue providing ongoing accessible cancer support in the borough of Croydon.  

More recently, this includes a vital programme lead by Cheryl and others called Cancer Creativity.  More details can be found via Eventbrite 'CancerCreativityGroupNov2020' or email cancercreativitygroup@gmail.com

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