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South West London Social Prescribing leads have funded training in partnership with Croydon SocialP for 60 Link Workers across South West London

4-Day Community Development embedded into Social Prescribing Accredited Course

Aimed at NHS Social Prescribing Link Workers and those in the NHS or local practitioners responsible for supporting community led activity. This course suits practitioners who wish to develop a logical and practical framework for implementing social prescribing with an asset based approach in their local community. 

The 4 day course contains 4 elements; Asset Based Community Development approach, Social Prescribing in action, Peer-to-peer support/Co production and Equality/Inclusion. In addition complementary coaching, mentoring and facilitated peer-to-peer support is offered.


The packages are written and delivered by Qualified PTLLS trainers and Mentors who have over 10 years experience in Community Development and ABCD training/mentoring across the Country. They keep their skill set, tools and strategies up to date and relevant to current times by still delivering on projects and working on the ground in their local communities. 

Both Lead Trainers Paul Macey and Jennine Bailey are apart of Croydon Social P’s Strategic Lead Team and Coordinators, as well as ABCD Experts, being well placed to train, coach and mentor others in Social Prescribing good practice.

Learning Outcomes 

The 4-day training programme will help participants to:

•Gain an understanding of Social Prescribing. 

• Gain an understanding of effective Asset Based Community Development;

• Develop practical tools and strategies to implement Social Prescribing including GDPR, safeguarding monitoring & evaluation, showcasing outcomes, motivational conversations and health coaching

• Develop effective and community produced asset maps

• Develop an in-service action plan based on learning 

• Facilitated peer-to-peer learning and one to one coaching/mentoring